Friday, 17 April 2009

Three very different designs

On these three designs there is something very different on each one. The green design is an evening dress. The middle one is a wild and funky design and the last one is a casual and daytime wear outfit. The good thing about these three designs is you can wear them whenever you want.

Floral Jeans!!

This is a design I have done using one of my new templates. I will put a close up of the jeans on so that you can see the floral pattern on the side.

This is the close up of the floral design.

Two designs based on the same sketch

This is a design made by drawing a t shirt with cool shorts and a very dark coloured pair of leggings with a gorgous pair of high heels.

This t shirt is backless with cross straps on the back. On the sides of the 3 1/4 jeans there are three buttons above the small split with a wide belt and high heels.

Todays sketch

This sketch has the front and reverse of the design, the bottom picture of the design is the front and the top picture is the back of the design.
The skirt is high at the front with a long back, i've made this up to look like a patchwork of denim on mine but in the following picture it can be done in any materials.